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A neat and tidy closet is what most people want. Unfortunately, most of us seem to ignore the fact that old and unnecessary clothes and shoes overtake our closets. Starting the process of tidying the closet without a plan is an impossible task. In truth, all it takes is just a little bit of organization, forethought and some good tips and suggestions. When all these are in place, you’ll be heading into the right direction to a tidy, sorted and clean new closet.

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How do you proceed from here? The first and most logical step would be removing all the stuff in your closet. When your closet has been emptied, you’ll have to determine which clothes will remain as well as the ones you no longer have use of. This usually is the most difficult decision to be taken during the entire process. Sometimes items we no longer use have sentimental value for us. This is also a psychological disorder known as hoarding. You’ll need to be determined to let go of the all useful stuff. Keep only items that you will use.

The idea behind these closet tips and suggestions is to make the most of the limited space available. If you do have some items of sentimental value that are no longer of use, you can store them somewhere else in airtight containers. It just so happens that sometimes we lose things around the house. You’ll be amazed at the things that tend to pop up when you’re cleaning and de-cluttering the closet.

People who have already been through closet organizing are amazed by amount of clutter and unused items they have. There can be all sort of things – clothes, toys, shoes etc. The clothes that aren’t going back to your closet can be donated to charity organizations to benefit other people. In this case, you’ll end up with a tidy and well-organized closet and a smile from another person’s face. You can also have a garage sale which means some extra cash in your pocket.

The closet organization ideas depend entirely on the individual’s preference. The preference is entirely dependent on the items the individual has decided to be left for storage in the closet. The closet can also be transformed by the creation of additional shelves and drawers and basically – through the utilization of every cm of available space. All the above will, of course, depend on the budget one has available.



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