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Small bathroom creative concepts

Helpful tips for redecorating of small space bathroom

All of us have seen beautiful concepts of bathrooms that are designed with style and modern touch with unique atmosphere and appearance. The vast bathrooms give many opportunities for décor with lots of details and elements. The challenge in decorating bathrooms is how to create a marvelous décor in really small spaces. Is it possible to have a fully functional, practical and marvelous bathroom if you live in a tiny home? They answer is yes. Explore some of the suggestions of designers showing how to make the best of the space, both vertically and horizontally. With a few tricks you can create optical illusion in the bathroom for vaster space and more attractive décor of the room.

Use oval shapes! The oval-shaped looks awesome and gives a lot more space for the counter. Choose a sink in vintage style and you will give more sophisticated atmosphere to the room.

A practical advice that helps you to make the best of the space in your bathroom is to place the towel racks above the bath tub. It looks great and saves on wall space.

How to create the illusion for a vaster room? Designers suggest placing a mirror above the bath tub. Another way for adding more space without actually adding more space is by putting continuous floor tiles, like zig-zag tiles.

The color schemed for small bathrooms should include soft neutral color palette. The light tones used for the fixtures and the walls will maximize the light and create the illusion for more volume. Don’t forget to add colors in the shower curtain and the towels to make the atmosphere lively and appealing.

The glass shower area will make the bathroom looks vaster because it gives vision to the room from one end to the other.

Add floating shelves in your small bathroom where you can put more accessories and your favorite bathroom belongings.

Designers give their ideas for small bathroom spaces

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