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     Bathroom Light Fixtures – Being one of the most functional rooms in the house, good bathroom lighting is not only desirable, it’s a necessity. Bright, but not overpowering; atmospheric, but not too dull – it’s a difficult job sometimes to choose the correct bathroom ceiling light fixtures. Who wants to walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning, turn on the light, and feel like you’ve walked into an interrogation suite? Or, at the end of the day when you want a relaxing soak in the tub, but the lighting is so gloomy you keep stubbing your toe on the basin.

What sort of lighting effect should I aim to achieve?

Ideally, you want to create a soft natural light. Try to arrange the light sources so you have an even spread without creating areas of shadow. Take account of the size of your bathroom, and scale the amount of light fixture to this size. A large luxury bathroom with a greater spread of less powerful lights, will give a better result than a fewer number with a higher power. Especially for luxury bathrooms, the lighting fixtures should include options such as a big chandelier in the middle, recessed lighting around the ceiling, concealed LED lights etc.

What sort of fixtures should I use?

These days, many fixtures are specifically rated for use in bathrooms. They’ll be well insulated to provide extra protection for use in a room where water is abundant. Generally, bathroom light manufacturers require GFCI protection for their UL rating.

You should always ensure that the fixtures are fitted by a competent person, who holds the necessary qualification/license if required in your area.

Lighting fixtures are available in a huge variety of styles – traditional, modern, and contemporary, so there will be a style to suit your particular design and layout of bathroom.

Flushed, or lighting recessed in the ceiling is a popular choice for either small or large bathrooms, giving a good spread of light whilst keeping the room looking less cluttered and functional. Or if you have a large room, why not go for a grand look by hanging a chandelier in the centre of the room, and providing additional light with bathroom wall light fixtures spread about the room.

Bathroom vanity light fixtures with a number of bulbs, will give you a clear view when applying make-up, or taking a shave. Position the light source so it’s above your natural height when standing at the mirror.

Incandescent, halogen, or low-energy LED lamps are all available – and you should always match the bulb to the fixture, and never exceed the maximum wattage suggested by the manufacturer, of the total wattage for the room as allowed for on your lighting circuit. There are a wide variety of bulbs you can use, depending on the bathroom light fixtures you go for.

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