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      If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, in most cases it can be a hard thing to find good ideas on how to do this without spending a pile of money.
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Turn the small space into big space
There’s no place for worries, we’re not talking about knocking walls down or adding extensions to your home.These solutions would quickly destroy your budget because they are costly!

how to decorate a wall
Instead, you’ll  need to make a small space appear bigger. How can you do this? There are numerous of ways to achieve this effect. One such way is to lighten up your flooring, whether it’s in lino, tiles, carpet or whatever you have.You can add to this a focal point at the end of the room furthest possible from the door and you’ll achieve a space that is substantially bigger!

how to decorate a small office
Don’t freak out if you prefer darker flooring. Instead of lighting your floor, place at the far end of the room a mirror. It will make the room double in size and also will add some extra light.

how to decorate a small apartament

Tidy up
You might be thinking that tidiness has very little to do with the apparent size of a room, but let us persuade you otherwise.

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Even if you just finished redecorating or your brand new furniture just arrived, your house is going to feel claustrophobic and cluttered if it looks like a mess. The easiest (and most inexpensive) solution of freshening up your place is by simply tidying it up a bit.

how to decorate a flat
Throw out all the necessary stuff that lays around and you don’t use. Use that vaccuum  and then get to dusting. After this, just light a scented candle and it feels like a whole new place!

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Focal points explained
Focal points are an important part of decorating, but just incase you aren’t sure about how they work, here’s a quick explanation.
Focal points are the central or principal point of focus. In other words, focal points are points that people will concentrate their attention on.

how to decorate a bedroom

Dont worry, be daring – colorful works best! There are a lot of options which depend on your personal taste. A brightly colored sofa is one the solutions. Just remember – for best effect, put the items in the far end or in the center of the room.

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