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interior design ideas 2015 to choose from

Awe-inspiring interior design ideas for 2015

Spring is the time for new beginnings, don’t you think? If the mood for renovations and changes has got to you, refresh the atmosphere of your home and office with inspiring interior design ideas that are hot for 2015. Fashion trends strongly influence the concepts of interior designers and this season is not an exception. Have you noticed the fascinating collections of world-famous fashion designers with loose geometric lines as motives in the clothes and accessories they presented for spring 2015?

If you want to achieve more extraordinary and modern appearance of your rooms, get inspired by this trend and find interior design ideas for 2015 that embrace geometric shapes. The bold concepts include the motives in the walls of the rooms. Designers choose to enrich the paint with loose geometric shapes in different shade of the same color as the walls. Speaking of colors, the ochre yellow trend is becoming a favorite influence of designers in their concepts. If this is your favorite color, don’t hesitate to choose it for the walls or the furniture. If the ochre yellow is not amongst your favorite shades, you can add a few accessories in the room to give it more chick and appealing appearance without overusing the color. Blue and black&white are especially attractive this season.

Fashion designers just can’t get enough of the blue and we can see it in many different shades in the collections. Everything shows that the Nordic blue will be a hot trend for the next year, too, therefore you can think of more major changes and concepts for the rooms enriched with blue. The interior design of your space will be modern and fresh not only this year but in 2016 as well. Vintage seems to be a modern trend in the last years. Be creative and enrich your room with unique vintage accessories and stylish furniture that will create sophisticated and marvelous atmosphere.

interior design ideas 2015 for remarkable concepts

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