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basement organization ideas checklist is the first step in organizing the basement

The first step for rearranging the basement – create an organization ideas checklist

Is your basement stuck with all kinds of stuff that you might never use or need? You are not alone. Most of us use the basement of the house as a storage for literary anything – from old art projects and photos, to food, clothes, equipment, broken appliances and etc. It is hard to get motivated to put everything in order.

The good planning and strategy in de-cluttering the basement can help you a lot in tidying the space and getting rid of the unnecessary stuff. The first thing you should do before you start working on the piles of stuff is to create a basement organization ideas checklist. Think of the most convenient for you to arrange the abundance of things stored in the basement and include them in a list that will help you in keeping track of the progress. When you make the checklist, prepare the labels, pens, carton boxes and etc that will help you in sorting out the stored belongings of your family.
– Make three basic categories for the things in your basement – Keep, Donate/Sell, Toss. Begin the rearranging of the basement from one section and move further into the room.

Every item in the basement should be assigned in one of the three categories. The things you will keep will fall into different categories depending on their purpose and importance. Most of them will need cleaning and re-organizing. You will certainly find tons of stuff in good condition that you don’t need. They can be sold at a garage sale, craigslist, etc or donated.

– Include categories of the things you will keep – for instance, holiday decorations, appliances, memories, clothes, equipment and etc. Use plastic storage boxes, shelves or carton boxes for storing the items and arrange them in the basement to take a minimum space.

– Donate or sell the things you don’t need.

– Clean the basement thoroughly and make the best of the free space by using it for an entertainment room, home office and etc.

basement organization ideas checklist, what to keep, toss and donate

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