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Unique and captivating outside bathroom ideas for 2016

Outside bathroom designs for 2016

Do you want to enjoy an outdoor bathroom in your backyard next summer? Now is the time to start planning. Designers and experts in interior design have a lot of ideas for attractive and trendy outside bathroom designs for 2016. Open-air bathrooms have a lot of advantages. They don’t need a lot of space, they don’t need a big budget and the best part – outside bathrooms give the pleasure of taking a shower surrounded by nature and beauty.

The spa-themed concepts are among the most popular designs every year, and 2016 will not be an exception. These projects turn small outdoor bathrooms in a marvelous spa spot for rejuvenation and complete relaxation. Live decorations with plants and trees give this lively atmosphere with an exotic touch to the bathroom. The most modern concepts are inspired by the trends in fashion and interior design for 2016. The materials you can use for enriching the appearance of the outdoor bathroom are combinations of metal and glass. Decorations with natural minerals are among the hottest trends for next summer and they fit perfectly in the spa-themed bathrooms.

The vintage-style décor inspires designers for creating of compelling concepts with sophisticated atmosphere in the small open-air bathrooms making them more than practical solutions for showering after swimming. The exotic ambiance has always been among the most popular themes for bathrooms under the sky. You can unleash your imagination in decorating your shower spot with exotic plants, shells, stones, wooden elements and whatever you like. In terms of colors, the open-air bathrooms are adorned in different palettes – from concepts with earthy colors and pale pallets to bathrooms in vivid colors with bold combinations of bright shades. When you are creating your beautiful outside bathroom don’t forget to make it practical. You can include some furniture for relaxing and rejuvenating and add everything you love.

Find the perfect projects for beautiful outside bathrooms for 2016


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