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world's top luxury houses interesting designs

How do world’s top luxury houses look like?

Are you dreaming of a big house? Are you are curious how the world’s top luxury houses look like? There are amazing lavishing homes worth millions of dollars in different parts of the world. Believe it or not some of the most luxurious properties are located in poor countries. A good example for such an outstanding house is owned by Mukesh Ambini and it is located in Mumbai. The lavish property is worth around $1 and 2 billion. The building is named Antillia after a mythical island located in the Atlantic Ocean. The “house” is a magnificent skyscraper of 27 floors. Various materials are used for the building of the construction which adds to the value of the property.

world's top luxury houses fascinating examples of mansions

A lot of the most expensive homes in the world have extravagant architecture and style. A good example for such house is the Barbie Malibu Mansion. It is a life-size Barbie’s inspired dream house. The famous decorator Jonathan Adler dedicated this project to the 50th anniversary of Barbie. The marvelous house reveals breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean. The property covers 3500-square-foot. Everything in the house is inspired by the world of Barbie. It is adorned in pink color and vintage accessories. The extraordinary mansion is located on a cliff in Malibu.

Eco-inspired luxurious homes are a new trend in the world of the richest people on the planet. One of the most impressive and lavish private eco-mansions is owned by Frank McKinney. It covers 15000 square-foot land. The home is designed in exotic themes inspired by the nature-beauty of Hawaii, Fiji, Bali and Tahiti. It is packed with green features, like solar panels, environmental water system and etc. The electricity consumption of the mansion is cut by 70%. The lavish property boasts abundance of features for entertainment, like swimming pools, floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa and an arched aquarium bar.

world's top luxury houses captivate with unique designs

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