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Home Interior Colors for 2015 trends and ideas

Beautiful concepts with the trendy home interior colors for 2015

What inspires you when you are redecorating your home? The hottest color trends in interior design and fashion are a great source of ideas of how to improve the atmosphere and the appearance of the rooms by blending the convenient with the beautiful in truly sophisticated concepts. This year some of the most interesting trends for home interior colors for 2015 are inspired by nature and art. The blue is among the most widely used colors for this year. It is applied in different shades – from bright Greek blue to sky blue and blue-green palettes inspired by the sea. The most sophisticated concepts are adorned in warm tones, natural gray shades, pastel palettes and earthy colors. Designers create unique combinations of materials like wood, metals and glass and enrich the appearance of the rooms with extraordinary wall papers with modern accents and stylish accessories.

Pastel colors create tender and sophisticated atmosphere in the rooms. They are preferable palettes for living rooms and bedrooms. The combination of light pink, green, purple and gray is a trendy idea for this year that gives optimistic vibe to the interior. Concepts with abundance of different shades of gray are a popular trend that keeps growing in the last years. The beautiful rooms decorated in gray stand out with sophisticated appearance and more stylish interior. This is a great trend for living rooms and family rooms where everyone can relax surrounded by beauty. The shades of gray are appropriate for the walls, the furniture and the curtains. Concepts with focus on gray and pastel colors are perfect for combining with different hot trends for this year, like radiant orchid, bright colors and ideas inspired by renaissance. Another trend that is promising to continue growing in the next years is the “bold concepts” where designers present bold combinations of colors, materials and elements that seem chaotic at first but at the end create amazing interior design that fascinate with brilliant appearance and unique atmosphere.

Home Interior Colors for 2015 designers present

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