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home interior colors for 2016 trends and concepts

Inspiring ideas for home interior design colors for 2016

Style, freshness, beauty and inspiration are blended in the hottest trends for home interior colors for 2016. If you want to give your home more modern and sophisticated look for the next year, now is the time to start planning how to redecorate. Designers and artists predict that the most attractive colors for 2016 will be the bright shades. One of the interesting trends for 2015 that is expected to grow in 2016 is the coral color. Concepts adorn in the tender pink will enrich the appearance of the most stylish living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms. The bright shades of yellow are the perfect choice for rooms with positive atmosphere where the whole family enjoys time together.

Make your home more modern and elegant with one of the most impressive trends for 2016 – red. Be bold when choosing the paint for walls, or the color of curtains and furniture and, of course, the accessories for the interior of your home. The hottest shades are red strawberry, red wine and bright red. Celadon is another color that will make your home pop-out. It is the perfect choice for more tender concepts for living rooms and bedrooms where you will dive in romantic atmosphere with appealing ambiance. Don’t miss out to adorn your rooms in pastel green and mint. Both shades of green create marvelous foundation for different combinations that give your rooms more unique and extraordinary appearance. If you are a fan of the classic concepts, choose the black and white interior designs.

There is no way to make a mistake with this combination. If you want to add more character to the rooms, combine the black and white with shades of gray. The concepts with more passion are enriched with purple and blue. You can add accessories in those colors if you want to put accents in the designs or use the bold combination of both colors as main shades for the rooms.

home interior colors for 2016 inspiring ideas

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