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Organizing your closet and putting everything in order can sometimes be nightmare. To most of us, this means putting some time and energy in order to reduce the clutters in the closet and save some space. You don’t have to be an expert to do this. Here are some simple do it yourself ideas which can help you easily organize your closet and save some space.


Over the door hooks can be very useful. They can be fixed at any height. You can hang light items on them such as purses, ties, belts, etc. You can hang many hooks if your closet comes with wall space. There are some great designs for closet hooks, so you don’t have to worry that they will diminish your closet’s good looks.

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You can install shelves in walk in closets, which will give a customized look. Jewelry and other small items can be placed inside ice trays or muffin tins. For storing undergarments, you can use boxes without lids. It will help you easily find the right pair. On the door you can place a shoe organizer which is also useful for keeping items that you use more often.


A simple and cheap plastic hanger can make your life a lot more organized. Choose the ones with clips which will hold your items properly. You can hang your clothes sets on them. Different color hangers work well with bigger closets. You can use them to hanging items of the same color. For example, a green shirt goes on a green hanger. This will look good and compliment the room. You can be even more stylish and hang black clothes on white hangers and vice versa .

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Vertical spaces

Vertical spaces can do wonders regarding your closet organizing. The vertically designed shelves can be placed over the rods. This will hold a sizeable stack of folded sweaters and shirts. You can also use crates to store clothing. The highest part of the closet is best for clothes, which you don’t commonly use, or tiny items.


Lightning is a very important aspect of any nice and well-organized closet. Battery powered, LED or wireless lighting system, the choice is yours to make, just be sure to have enough light so you can comfortably see the colors of your clothes.

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