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Predictions for Interior Color Trends for 2016

The latest predictions for Interior Color Trends for 2016

Time flies and we are getting closer and closer to the new trends in interior design and fashion that will be attractive in 2016. Do you like to plan ahead the redecorating of your home or office? Have you chosen any concepts and styles yet? What about the color scheme that will adorn the rooms of your home when you choose to redecorate and refresh the designs?

The Pantone Color Institute can help you out with some practical advice and reliable forecasts about the interior design color trends for 2016. The 9 most attractive colors that are expected to grab the interest of designers and artists next year include Merriment, Mixed Bag, Bijoux, Dichotomy, Ephemera, Natural Forms, Lineage, Soft Focus and Footloose. Some of the sound exotic and extraordinary, therefore we will present you with a short description of each of the palettes for 2016.

Soft Focus – the trend for this color includes muted shades that can be dubbed “smokey” by some designers. They are versatile and very appropriate for basic colors of the walls that provide the perfect foundation for decorating.

Natural forms – the name already hints for colors inspired from the nature.

Bijoux – it translates as “jewelry” – this trend brings more contrast and drama in the concepts with intense jewel palettes.

Dichotomy – a very interesting color trend for colors adorned in yellow, bright blue and silver metallic.

Footloose – it is inspired by the free spirit and the outdoors – from environment and nature to activities.

Mixed Bag – it is a trend for unique colors, eclectic shades and elements, and extraordinary blends of colors like orange and violet.

Merriment – this is the most joyful color trend that brings positive vibrations with the colors of pink, orange, green and yellow – all bright and vibrant.

Ephemera – is the trend for delicate shades with more neutral colors.

What is your favourite interior color trend for 2016?

Appealing Interior Color Trends for 2016

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