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Remarkable interior design ideas for 2016

Mesmerizing concepts and trends for interior design ideas for 2016

The world of art, fashion and interior design is so rich of ideas inspired by everything beautiful and appealing in nature, history etc. Every fashion season is influenced by different trends that enrich the concepts of designers and give us awesome ideas of how to bring more beauty in our lives. There are many factors that affect the changes and trends in interior design every year. Artists and designers from all over the world share their expectations and forecasts for the trends in fashion and interior décor for a year ahead. In the beginning of 2015 it is the perfect time to explore some of the interior design ideas for 2016.

The first months of the next year will be inspired by the Nordic nature. Expert designers predict that concepts will include frosty colors, such as icy blue, cold white, and dark green. The expectations for the main colors that will influence interior design concepts in the first half of 2016 suggest red undertones, purples and pinks. The trend from 2005 for more neutral brown tones will continue in the next year, but leaning towards red. Designers will combine the browns with deep blues and cool greys. The nature will be a great inspiration for interior design ideas for 2016. Designers present concepts enriched with influence of tropical nature with orchids, butterflies etc. One of the most interesting trends that we can see in concepts of designers for 2016 is the underwater world. Don’t be surprised to see more elements and ornaments inspired by clams and fish and the colors of corals.

The usage of bright colors is expected to grow in 2016. Designers will blend different materials in the concepts and colors of signal red and “poisonous lime.”

The vintage topic will be part of the interior design world in 2016. Designers will include more copper, oxidized metals and bronze in their projects for home décor.

Fresh and fascinating interior design ideas for 2016

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