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Interior design ideas for bedrooms for 2016

Interesting interior design ideas for bedrooms for 2016

The fashion world and the interior design go together like milk and Oreos. The latest collections of fashion designers have a significant impact on the concepts of interior designers for the upcoming seasons. Even though we are still in the Q1 of 2015, many of us are curious to explore the expected trends and influences in interior design (and fashion) for the next year.

Do you feel the urge to redecorate your bedroom according to the modern concepts and advice of experts in the field? More and more designers are presenting interior design idea for bedrooms for 2016 as well as for a redecorating of the entire home. The bedroom is one of the most important and intimate rooms in every home. It is your sanctuary and escape from the world, where you can relax and feel the most comfortable and stress-free. The colors for the season autumn-winter 2015/2016 are expected to be bright and bold in combinations with earthy metallic.

While the bright colors are not always a great idea for bedrooms, designers present captivating concepts where the modern colors are blended with more neutral and earthy paints to create a perfect harmony in your favorite room. Some of the most attractive ideas include furniture of dark wood, textured surfaces and for textures – silk, velvet and leather. Blue, purple, indigo and Nordic-inspired shades will be the hottest colors for the chilly season next year. Fashion designers introduced fascinating collections inspired by futuristic earth themes and prints with modern shapes. The nature-inspired accessories will enrich the appearance of the room and will give it more sophisticated look. Choose large flower vases, art-pieces and extraordinary chandeliers to give a final touch to the modern concept for your bedroom.

Inspiring Interior design ideas for bedrooms for 2016

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