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interior design ideas for living rooms for 2016 and hot trends

Attractive interior design ideas for living rooms for 2016

Redecorating and refurnishing might be a challenge if you can’t find an inspiration for the concepts you are creating. Therefore, we will help you with some appealing ideas for interior design for living rooms that are expected to be popular trends in 2016. Concepts for the next year include ethnic elements, influence of Nordic nature, eco-friendly green concepts as well as designs inspired by art and history. Designers are presenting abundance of projects for those of you who prefer colorful interior design and more romantic and appealing concepts for living rooms and bedrooms with sophisticated interior and captivating atmosphere.

The perfect way for refreshing the appearance of the rooms without changing the interiors completely is by adding new accents, accessories and rearranging of the furniture. If you are looking for some colorful interior design ideas for living rooms for 2016, get inspired by the trend for bright colors of the accessories and furniture on pale and white background. Add some vintage elements and accessories made of ceramic and metal wire.

interior design ideas for living rooms for 2016 and forecast of designers

For the walls, choose colors that will make the bright colors pop. Don’t over use the colors because the living room is supposed to be a place for relaxation. Are you looking for more romantic concepts? Then apply interior design ideas for living rooms for 2016 inspired by the trend for soft focus. This trend blends the modern with the traditional and romantic. The pastel colors are dominating the concepts chosen for furniture, carpets and curtains. If you want to give more glamour to the living room, decorate with mirrored surfaces and don’t hesitate to use accessories made of metal and sateen. Next year we will see a lot of concepts inspired by the Nordic nature. Add decorative objects, like shells, fossils and accessories in blue, shades of grey and snow white.

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