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Interior design ideas for small apartments in 2015 – tips and tricks

Extraordinary solutions for redecorating of small apartments in 2015

Among the most extraordinary and original concepts in the field of interior design are the projects for redecorating and refurnishing of small apartments. The main challenges in front of designers are to use each inch of the small space in the most fulfilling way but to avoid overloading the rooms with furniture and accessories. The functionality of the flats is a priority when redecorating the spaces. However it is not an easy task to include all the needed furniture and appliances in very small rooms and making the apartment cosy, stylish and appealing for living.

The most interesting interior design ideas for small apartments for 2015 combine extraordinary solutions for redecorating of very limited spaces with the latest trends in this field of design. In order to achieve the best results for the appearance of the apartment, you need to think out-of-the-box and change the perspective when you are working on the project. One of the biggest priorities in the concepts for tiny spaces is the functionality… and even more precisely, the “multi-functionality.”

Designers use tricks and clever touches by blending colors, choosing the right shapes for the tiny spaces etc. Every detail of the project must be carefully through through – from the lightning and the windows to the staircase, and the closet. What are some of the most attractive interior design ideas for small apartments for 2015? Use bright colors that “catch” the light, like white and yellow. Integrate some creative solutions when furnishing the kitchen, such as a kitchen countertop that functions as a comfortable seating area.

Extraordinary interior design ideas for small apartments in 2015

The loft bedroom will give more space to the tiny apartment, especially if there is border. The open spaces create the airy atmosphere in the rooms. Use loft spaces wherever you can. They are most widely chosen for the bedrooms. A few tricks with the lightning can help for dividing the spaces whenever you want to. Add modern levitating stairs in different parts of the apartment to use the space in the most fulfilling way vertically. Redecorating a small apartment can be fun and exciting experience, especially when the result is a cosy, convenient and attractive living space that has everything a person need to feel good comfortable.

Extraordinary interior design ideas for small apartments in 2015 bathroom

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