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1990s interior design trends

The interior design in 2014 is the unique blend of art

, fashion, architecture and coziness that adorn the spaces we live in – rooms, halls, houses, offices etc. Interior designers (architects) use their talent and knowledge to bring something extraordinary and breathtaking in every project they begin. The interior design is touched by the fashion and is strongly influenced by the latest trends and changes in people’s tastes and preferences. The hottest interior design trends 2014 include certain colors, shapes, materials and combinations that are most preferable for each season.

What are the expectations for the trends in interior design for the upcoming months? First let’s remind you about the most interesting interior design trends from the beginning of 2013.

Vintage design 2014

Interior design trends 2013

The vintage elements and chic furniture and decorations were among the most preferable trends by designers. The floral designs with butterflies, birds and leaves were also widely seen in the most famous examples for interior designs. The new predictions for 2014 include the color yellow as the dominant paint in the concepts for interior designs for homes and offices. The joyful sunny mood of the yellow will enrich the appearance of the spaces and will open up the rooms. In terms of patterns the expected interior design trends include the retro shapes we have seen in vintage curtains and carpets. Every year there is at least one element from the past that makes a comeback in the modern concepts. We are eager to see whether the predictions will turn out to be true. Two of the hottest trends from the last seasons that will continue their living in the next 2014 and perhaps further are the green and ethnic elements. The ethnic fabrics that are adorned with unique color combinations, vivid, cheerful and special will be part of the trends in interior design next season.

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