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interior design trends for autumn 2015 eco-friendly concepts inspired by nature

Interior design trends for autumn 2015 are inspired by nature

The autumn is the most colorful season of the year when the nature basks in shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. Designers get inspired by the richness of colors and nature beauty to create mesmerizing concepts for interior.

The interior design trends for autumn 2015 include natural themes, organic materials and shapes inspired by this season. The color that will be widely used by designers in all its shades is green. In autumn 2015 designers will combine the fresh shades of green with pastel colors like beige and gray with accents in black and white. The concepts of designers include bright elements and green accents as a contrast to the yellow and brown shades that surround us in this season.

The materials that will be used are glass, wood, leather, stone, fossils etc. The floral motives and other nature-inspired elements are expected to be part of the accessories, furniture, and wall decorations etc in autumn 2015. The bolder concepts will be enriched with materials like raw-looking woods, glass, bone and metal, such as copper, steel, gold and pewter. The most appealing concepts present simple designs with cozy atmosphere and organic inspired shapes. Overall the interior design trends for autumn 2015 will bring the nature inside in the form of extraordinary furniture, artistic accessories and wall decorations adorned in beautiful combinations of green and bright colors for more vivid appearance.

One of the most interesting trends for the season is for soften and rounded shapes. The result is crisper and more graceful looking homes. Designers will achieve this effect using accessories of glass and ceramics and playing with the lightning.

The autumn of 2015 will be the perfect season to experiment with combinations of materials like metal and wood, stone and wood, stone and glass and fabrics. The eco-friendly concepts are promising to be very attractive especially in the second half of 2015.

interior design trends for autumn 2015 blend of materials

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