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Interior Design Trends Spring 2015 inspired by the fashion world

Spring is the most rejuvenating time of the year when the inspiration for renovation and new beginnings evokes us to refresh the home decor and the office interior. It is worth it to explore the latest suggestions and advice of designers for redecorating of a room or the whole home to be in style with the hottest trends in interior design for spring 2015. Interior designers from all around the world find inspiration in the fashion collections presented this fall at the big fashion shows in the most buzzing cities in this industry.

The ochre yellows shades are becoming the most appealing colors for decorating living rooms in spring. The beautiful yellow brings style and gives the perfect finish to the interior. In some way the ochre yellow lights up the rooms. Most of the designers include the color by adding accessories and furniture adorned in ochre yellow. The bolder projects include rooms painted in yellow.

One of the most interesting trends in interior design for spring 2015 as well as in the fashion world for this season is the including of a chaos of geometric lines. If your goal is to achieve more original designs and unique interior of your room, this trend gives you the opportunity to unleash your imagination. The walls seem to be the most appropriate field for adding of loose geometrical lines. You can experiment with styles by blending more modern ideas with traditional shapes. Designers enrich the interior with accessories and extraordinary furniture to complete the unique look of the rooms.

Spring is the season when the nature is all about “the awaking of the colors.” Find the perfect balance in the interior design you create by applying the fashion trend for black and white graphic prints. Black and white elements and accents are the perfect way to make the rooms more elegant and stylish. There is something very sophisticated in the classic white&black prints, especially if you combine them with the trends for geometrical shapes, blurred lines or loose geometric lines.

Interior Design Trends Spring 2015 inspired by fashion collections

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