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Hottest interior design trends for summer 2015

Fusion of styles, dramatic contrasts and moreā€¦ interior design trends for summer 2015

Summer is all about sun, light and joy. It is the perfect time of the year for redecorating and experimenting with styles and trends. Use your imagination and get inspired by everything amazing in the hottest season of the year to create more extraordinary and fresh interior in your favorite rooms and office. What are the expectations of designers for interior design trends for summer 2015? Even though we are months away from the season, experts and designers already have shared their predictions for the most attractive and original trends in fashion and interior design.

One of the most influential trends that will inspire designers in summer 2015 is the fusion of materials, styles and patterns used in the interior design. This hot season we will see mixing of modern interior design concepts with old and even retro styles. The result is unique and stylish interiors of rooms with sophisticated atmosphere coming from the old elements in the designs with fresh and extraordinary appeal from the modern concepts.

Interior design trends for summer 2015 include more dramatic contrasts in the contemporary concepts. The colors that we expect to see in modern interior design spaces next summer include pastels blended with natural room colors and even tones of gray and brown. The leafy green gives a stylish finish to the rooms.

One of the most attractive colors in interior design for the next year is yellow. Summer will inspire designers to use the mustard yellow in rooms. The more colorful concepts include beautiful combinations of rich blue, purple (deep and light shades), pink and mauve.

extraordinary interior design trends for summer 2015

The stunning and memorable interior designs use organic shapes, artistic accents and new products will reflect the ideas of designers in modern concepts for interior. Versatility, serenity and blend of fusions will influence the trends in the hot season.

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