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Interior design trends for winter 2015 inspired by fashion

Do you get winter blues when it gets cold and gloomy outside? Get inspired by the predicted interior design trends for winter 2015 and make your home cozier and more sophisticated than ever. Renovation of the rooms enriches the appearance of the whole home. Just like we choose our fashion style according to the hottest trends in for the season, we can improve the interior design with small or big changes.

The trends in interior design are strongly influenced by the fashion industry and the latest collections of the world-famous designers. What are the predictions for the 2015 winter season in home decoration? Experts believe that just like in the cat walks we are about to see more and more animal prints and fur in the decorating of the rooms, especially bedrooms. The animal print is an exquisite choice for furniture and accessories. Ethnic accents are blended with fur and animal print to give unique look of the rooms and cozy ambience.

One of the hottest trends in interior design for winter in 2015 that is borrowed from the fashion is black and white. Rooms and spaces decorated in black and white fascinate with style and sophisticated atmosphere. Designers combine different materials and geometrical shapes to create the elegant and remarkable appearance of every space.

If you are wondering what the hottest color in interior design for the winter 2015 is, the answer is “blue.” Don’t be shy to add more blue in the rooms and put an accent to the stronger tones of the color. Designers present their ideas for fresh and sophisticated interior designs where the blue color adorns the walls, the furniture and the accessories in the rooms. Choose amongst the shades of sky blue, turquoise, cobalt and royal and you will not make a mistake.

Blue is the color for interior design trends winter 2015

The trend in interior design for winter 2015 that is promising to become one of the most favourite for designers is the “1960s.” Colors, shapes, accents… everything that is borrowed from the sixties will be hot this winter.

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