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 This family biz has kept their knowledgeable helpful staff, headed by two of Upholstery-Drapery Fabrics outstanding buyers, Mac McClintock and Kelly Cleaver.

   The world’s very 1st web site for Upholstery Fabrics was www.interiorfabrics.com in 1997.

The owner, “Captain Mac”, and his son KennyMac, co-built many retail stores in America’s South West fabric retail markets

   KennyMac, Mike Silver, C-Bond, and Marty Paul inspired and directed the eCommerce business models back when they were #1 on Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, Web Crawler, and even young Google.

Unlike many eCommerce virtual stores, they are in-tuned to consumer demands via a huge retail following, They monitor current fabric fashions AND have the buying power of a retail store chain. If you are shopping retail, not eTail, their Dallas store is huge! Walk in snip a few samples. The GR8 sales staff will mark the width, type, name, and price on the fabric, so you can simply order on line, and ship to your upholsterer…That is IF you are not a home sewer. If you are a Sew-at-Homer, they ship directly to your home at lightning speed.

   If you are searching for that inspiring window valence, check out their Drapery Fabrics and mega Rod Departments in Dallas, Houston, Austin and many other stores. If it’s your dated Sofa-Luv that needs a face lift, then watch the constantly updated upholstery selection at competitive prices.

  We all got together last month and stitched up a complete 6 loose cushion slip cover for $300.00 in a medium weight jacquard fabric. We added their three colored bullion for the magical “We know what we are doing” touch. The same fabric at Calicocorners.com was $700.00 for 18 yards. Ouch!

When we all sewed up the matching 4 panels of rod pocket draperies for Ashley’s dining room, the same price difference popped. Cutting Corners’ Fabric Resource was $170.00 and Calico was $350.00. It was a soft handed chevron print, easy to match and sew up. Donna’s husband mounted the short drapery rod in less than one beer’s worth of time last Sunday. We will tackle the solid swags using hot glue guns next month. Messy, but easier than you think!

   1st in Upholstery Fabrics on line, 1st in customer service, 1st in fast delivery, all with the Country’s most experienced sales team for Interior Fabrics.

Fabrics, Decor, and so much MORE! Cutting Corners, Dallas Texas is a sure winner girls!

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