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Make a basement organization for convenient storage of things

Do you need more space in your house? If yes, it is worth it to think of reorganization of the rooms and the interior design in your home. A good idea for adding more space in your home is to make a basement organization. The purpose of the basement usually is to be a big storage place. It is not a room that you use every day, therefore it seems to be the perfect place for storing all the things you don’t need or you don’t know where else to put. The piles of stuffs are building up until the basement becomes a dusty place where everything is getting lost instead of stored.

How to turn the mess into a neat room where all the stuff you want to keep is put in convenient places? It is time to make a basement organization.
1. Bring help for cleaning – family and friends can help you out in cleaning your basement before you are ready to organize the things into categories and then in boxes and cupboards.
2. Make a list with categories and supply your project with labels, pens, boxes and bags for the trash.
3. Think “out-of-the-box” literally. What is the most convenient way of storing things for you? Is it shelves or is it boxes and cupboards? Once you answer this question you can start working on getting more boxes or installing more shelves.
4. Make the best of the walls. You can find some creative ways of hanging things on the walls in order to save space, like bikes for example.
5. Use the vast space under the stairs. You will be surprised how much free space you will get once you de-clutter the space beneath the stairs. You can use it for installing shelves or arrange a small home-office away from the noise in the house.

Make a basement organization for neat and organized space

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