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Bathroom ideas inspired by the summer

Remodeling of your bathroom in tune with the summer season

Summer is continuing for few months only but you can keep the atmosphere of this beautiful season for longer by choosing summer-inspired décor for your rooms. One of the best rooms where you can bring the summer home is the bathroom. Vivid colors, floral elements, outstanding combinations of materials and accents are only a few ideas for summer remodeling of your bathroom. ‘

For many of us summer means “holiday at the sea.” If you love the seaside, get inspired by the colors of the sea, the breeze and the sands and turn your bathroom into a little summer escape. Choose the beach themed décor. You can enrich the interior of the room with accents in beach colors like green, blue and yellow. Add decorations with shells and elements inspired by the sea world. The beach-themed décor gives you the opportunity to unleash your imagination in creating unique concepts and combinations of accessories inspired by the season. The DIY projects are very appropriate for summer interior design for bathrooms, like candle holders made from glass jars filled with sands, picture frames, towel holders etc.

The tropical-themed bathrooms are exotic and beautiful. Green is one of the most widely used colors for those concepts. You can enrich the atmosphere in the room with plants and floral accents.

Rustic bathroom décor is a hot idea not only for summer. This is one of the growing trends in the world of interior design and for a good reason. The simple, neat, appealing and captivating atmosphere in rustic bathrooms provides a relaxing atmosphere. The pale colors combined with the decorations and furniture made from natural materials creates the elegant appearance of the room. Don’t forget the mirrors and the perfect lightning in the bathroom to make it more sophisticated and airy.

Designers suggest bringing summer in your bathroom, ideas and concepts

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