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Summer interior design 2016 expectations

Draw in the beautiful concepts of designers for summer interior design 2016

The summer is all in, the sun is bright and the unique festive vibe is all around. The heat during the day makes us stay indoors until the evening when the summer parties are shaking the air. This is the perfect season of the year to look for new ideas for refreshing the interior design of rooms at home and in the office. Are you curious about the predictions of designers, artists and experts for the summer interior design 2016? Next year is promising to be as hot as those months at least in the world of fashion and interior design.

The first trend that deserves attention for 2016 is the variety of textures. Designers find different ways to include them in the hottest concepts. We see projects with fascinating furniture adorned with different textures. Rugs, furniture covers, curtains and wall ornaments – use your imagination and experiment with textures for the renovation of your home for the next summer.

The trend for floral ornaments and themes is certainly not new in the fashion and interior design worlds. Everything shows that flowers-inspired concepts will be hot for 2016, especially for summer design projects. Designers present concepts with flower ornaments on the furniture, the walls and the curtains.

One interesting trend that is rising among designers is the use of the combination between metals and metallic. It is inspired by the fashion of the 1950s and the 1970s. We can see the influence of those decades in the current fashion collections and there is a good chance to see more of this trend in the interior design 2016 concepts.

The nature is also represented in the forecasts of designers for summer 2016. Some of the most interesting concepts include rough minerals. It is amazing how stylish the rooms look with those little treasures of the nature well blended in the more rustic appearance of the homes and offices.

Summer interior design 2016 concepts and ideas

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