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When you think vintage flooring, you probably think of wood as the main material. While wood is one of the most popular choices, there are many other ways to achieve your perfect vintage look. There’s a material and a style to suit anyone’s varying preferences, time constraints, process needs, and budgets. Take a look at some of the best winning combinations for vintage-style flooring, and visit a local flooring store if you need some help picking the best options.

The Top Choice: Hardwood Floors

If you have the budget, hardwood floors are a wonderful choice for achieving the rustic, vintage look for your home. Antique hardwood flooring has an authentic feel, and are typically reclaimed. Modern hardwood makes for an eco-friendly choice, as it’s sourced from tree farms that are more on the eco-friendly side of things. To achieve the vintage look, these floors are typically hand-scraped or distressed, as well as stained and color washed for the perfect look.

Are you worried about how hardwood floors will fit into your project budget? Try something more cost-effective like engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood gives you the luxurious, beautiful look and feel of authentic hardwood, but the prices can be much lower. This is because the wood is engineered with technology that can make it more durable, versatile, and long-lasting – a true win-win!

Laminate and Vinyl Floors

If you simply don’t have the budget for any type of hardwood flooring, don’t fret. There’s no one way to get rustic flooring, which means you possibilities are virtually endless. You can have laminate or vinyl flooring that works to replicate wood flooring, or you can choose to have a more unique feel that still fits into your vintage look. Laminate and vinyl are wonderful in that they’re created using high-tech processes, so it’s possible to achieve any look you want, such as the distressed look. Additionally, vinyl and laminate are often much easier to care for.

Tile Flooring

If you’re still looking for the wood look to accomplish your vintage décor, many will be surprised to find that tile can actually still fit the bill. Wood-look ceramic tile is an added bonus for those who live in a more humid climate, as this type of flooring can withstand much more humidity and wear-and-tear in comparison to authentic wood. Similarly, many people find that tile flooring is easier to care for as well.

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