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Have you ever heard the word “mega office”? It means a small guest room lying next to the main house. This little detached room has two main advantages. First, it provides cozy settings for your guests. Second, it is very easy for maintenance – for example, you do not need to keep it warm when you are not using it. The purpose of the room can change over the years. As you can see our original sewing studio has transformed into a tidy little office, or as we call it cool office.

Office makeover

The original sewing studio:

Interior decorator make an office

Office makeover

The nice natural colors and the neutral palette look simply great on the walls in my opinion. The next thing I have to decide is the design and the color of the chairs. One thing I already know – I will look for comfort first. The office looks like new because it still doesn’t get a lot of use at the moment. I work in my little place in the dining room lately.

Interior decorator make an work place cool

If you are wondering from where I got the cardboard magazine holders and the shelves – I bought them from Ikea.

Have a look at Kelly’s part of our little cool office

Interior decorator make an office great place

You see the letters A, R and T and you probably think of the word ART. You are partially right because when I got them 10 years ago, I was planning to spell the word with them. Now it just doesn’t seem original enough. May be another idea?….
Interior decorator make an office makeup
….. A little spray paint and they are ready to spell “RAT.” Much better, don’t you think?

Our office needed two desks, so what we do was to cut a simple thrift store table in 2 halves. Then we attached each of the halves to the wall. Later on we drilled holes in the new desks for the cables and the computer cords.

Great office interior

Our new handmade desks needed some more extras to complete the whole concept. I added drawer sets from Ikea that I arranged underneath.

Interior decorator make an office awesome

Our cool office wouldn’t be complete without a printer station. So we make one! We used an old thrift store desk that we cut on pieces and used only the drawer portions. Some melamine for final touch and it was complete.

Interior decorator make an work place

As you can see the printer fits perfectly in the station with the excellent location across from each other. It is very convenient to have all this space below it for storing supplies, folders and paper.
Interior decorator make an office cool
I used different things I found around home to decorate the shelves.

Do you like the painting? I got it from friends of mine. They were selling it on a yard sale and someone bought it from them. As it turned out the buyer did not want the painting but only the frame, so they took the frame and left the art piece.

Interior design office

The shelves look so much greater with some framed magazine articles. So much memories… me with long hair … seems unbelievable now.

Homedecor a office place

Our office wouldn’t be complete without the sentimental memories… like the knick knacks. They remind me of my dad. He was intending to give them to Boo before he passed away. You can also see the Mika blocks. They are a special gift from my sister-in-law Christy. The matryoshka dolls are made by me. The Swedish rooster is the oldest decoration. It belonged to my grandfather.

DIY office

My friend Silviya gave me those matryoshka dolls from my friend Silviya:

See this office makeover

You can see the nice set of metal banks that belongs to Mr. HDD, a memory from his childhood. We found the globe in a thrift store. For the background I used handprinted paper framed in a poster of Ikea.:

Awesome office interior

The vintage dollhouse was a real treasure we found in a thrift store ….It is a really original office décor, don’t you think?
DIY office place
The windows are adorned with little metal shutters:

Decorate office

Some special memories find their place on the shelves – paintings from our friends and a nice vintage camera
Make your office cool
A jar with Choose Mika bracelets:
Great interior decor jar
We found this painting in thrift store… nice addition to the wall:

Cool office design

This is my special board with inspiring notes from you, my readers. I love it.

Make you work place nice

Each of them has a special place in my heart.

Nice office design

Have a look at some dresses packed and ready for shipping. Each box, each dress has been hand printed by us.

Office interior

The office is not vast but has enough space to keep a much needed closet. As you can see it keeps countless spools. The oil painting is made by me…. during my college summer in my parents’ garage.

Office designs


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