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You might think pillow shopping is easy, but for those looking for the perfect pillow there are a number of questions that will need answering before taking to the shops…and here they are.

How Many Pillows Should a Person Use?

Notice in the title the use of the word ‘pillow’ used in the singular? Well, that is because the correct amount of pillows a person is advised to use according to the experts is only ever one.

Introducing more than one variable to any test or situation complicates it and can make it difficult to know when a problem results and identify where the problem lies. So, rather than doing a patch up job with an uncomfortable pillow by adding another and so making a less uncomfortable pillow from two equally unsuitable and uncomfortable pillows, the best thing to do is toss both and go pillow shopping.

Does My Sleeping Position Matter When Buying Pillows?

The short and sweet answer to this question is an emphatic yes. The slightly longer answer meanwhile involves explaining that the position you sleep in is actually one of the most important factors when shopping for a new pillow. This is why if you share your bed with another person you should always avoid buying a two pack of pillows unless you both sleep in the same position; otherwise, one of you is likely to suffer.

In summary, side sleepers require a medium to plump pillow in order to fill the gap created by their shoulder and prevent their neck from overextending whilst lying down. Back sleepers will benefit from a medium thickness pillow; a thin pillow will cause their neck to overextend whilst a very thick pillow is likely to elevate the head too much and create an unnatural curve in the upper spine. Finally, stomach sleepers, as discussed via the Healthline website might actually be best reconsidering their entire sleep set up and at least giving sleeping on their back or side a go as stomach sleeping is linked to a number of spinal, gastro and intestinal and pelvic issues. That said, for those determined to sleep on their bellies, opt to either forego using a pillow altogether to avoid forcing your head back in an unnatural way and placing pressure on your neck or invest in a flat pillow to prevent this.

Therefore, and to stress the point (if only to save people from otherwise stressing their spines), sleeping position definitely matters when buying pillows, but you do not have to take it from me. Rather, to get it from the experts, head over to Sleepy People’s range of pillows and whilst there give their blog article: How to Justify Spending More on the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Style a read for more advice and as well expert insight on a number of pillows ideally suited to every kind of sleeper, whatever their preferred position.

When to Invest in Additional Pillows?

Of course, as with any rule there is an exception to the ‘one pillow per head’ rule. Having already discussed the impact sleeping position plays on the type of pillow you should buy, for those using or whom have bought an appropriate pillow and are still experiencing discomfort, back ache or neck pain, hang on before blaming your new pillow. The reality might well be that you do indeed require the support of an additional pillow or two. These pillows though are not for your head.

Rather, side sleepers can further prevent their pelvis from tilting unnaturally and their lower spine from twisting by simply placing a flattish pillow between their knees whilst in bed. Back sleepers often find a similarly flat pillow placed beneath their lower back to re-establish the spine’s natural curve helps to take the pressure off. Meanwhile, stomach sleepers are advised to place a flat pillow beneath the abdomen to prevent the lower spine from curving more than is natural and to help stabilise the pelvis.

AN extra tip: use of your old flat pillow as your additional pillow and you stand to save yourself some money as well as sleepless nights.

Want More Information?

For more information provided in a fun, informative and easy to read way, give the article: 18 Ways You’re Sleeping Wrong currently featured on the Cosmopolitan Magazine website some bedtime reading.

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