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All carpets will experience the odd spill or stain every now and then, whether you’ve got little ones, a four-legged friend, or perhaps are just a bit clumsy!

If you decide to try and clean up the mess yourself, then there are a few things to bear in mind before you get going to make sure that you don’t actually make the problem worse!

Powder or Shampoo?

When it comes to cleaning products, you can broadly split them into two categories: those which are powder-based and those which are shampoo-based.

Of course, you could try and use a simple soap and water solution but, in truth, you’re probably not going to get very far with most stains.

So which type of cleaner is best? It depends on the situation, but generally speaking, we’d say that for stains and dirt, you’re better opting for a powder-based cleaner, especially if you need to see results fast.

Shampoos can take a long time to dry, while powders can easily be vacuumed up and do just as good of a job.


If you’re using a powder-based cleaning product, just sprinkle it liberally over the affected area and leave to get to work for about 30 minutes, although the longer the better, and if you can leave it overnight it’ll really help to get rid of any nasty smells and soften the stains.

Then all you need to do is vacuum the powder up and you’re done!

Carpet Shampoo

With shampoo-based cleaners, be sure to follow the advice on the label as different brands will have different guidance.

You’ll usually have to dilute the product in water before applying, but be sure to be cautious when applying it to the affected area, because you don’t want to make the carpet too wet. If you do, it’ll not only waste detergent but also take a lot longer to dry.

Once it’s on, give it a good scrub with a hard-bristled brush before leaving to dry for the time specified on the packaging before vacuuming.

Natural Cleaning Products

There are lots of myths out there about supposed miracle cleaners, although there is evidence that some natural and everyday products can help to get your carpet clean.

For example, baking soda and vinegar have been known to help fight stains and control odours.

But did you know there are loads of other home remedies that you can try? Check out this list of 17 from Reader’s Digest, although we recommend trying them all out on a smaller area first!

Tips and Tricks

Finally, here are our top tips and tricks for when you decide to try and get your carpet stains out on your own:

  1. Always read the label carefully, not only to make sure you follow the instructions correctly but also to make sure that the product is suitable for your carpet type.
  2. Less is more when you’re applying your cleaning product, so use it sparingly and try to remove as much as possible with as little product.
  3. Always try to remove any stains as quickly as possible before they can really dry into the fibres of the carpet.
  4. Always blot any stains rather than wiping them as wiping will only smudge the stain deeper into the carpet.

Of course, if you don’t fancy going through all of this, there are plenty of professional carpet cleaning services out there that can get the job done for you, which use steam cleaning methods to ensure that the job is done properly.

Click here to find out more about the kind of steam cleaning services that a professional cleaner uses and how it could be a lot easier than doing it yourself!

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