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When it comes to interior design, all rooms have a lot of attention paid to them, with one exception. The hallway is often overlooked and forgotten when it comes to interior design and lighting, but focusing on a rehaul can change the whole mood of the house. Hallways are often the first impression for guests, and even set the tone when people get home, so why not make sure that the room is perfectly lit?


Pivotal to how a hallway is lit up, are the choice in fixtures and lamps. There are many interesting ways to light your hallway, and all require a balance of Ambient and Accent lighting. The fixtures or lamps chosen will depend upon the size limitations of the hallway, such as wall fixtures being avoided with narrow hallways, along with table and floor lamps being more tactically placed.

For a full insight into which fixtures would suit hallways, check out the Oberoi Brothers luxury lighting.

Types of Lighting

It is essential to have a good balance of types of lighting, that way there can be a balance of function with lighting that sets a pleasant tone.

Ambient lighting is the overall general light, used to look around clearly.

Accent lighting is used to highlight features and make rooms more interesting or pleasant.


Hallways are often filled with a warm glow from soft ambient lighting, and have lamps or wall fixtures to light up key parts of the room.

Many hallway designs work wonderfully with a floor lamp, or have table lamps to cast accent lighting midway through the hall.


Often accent lighting is placed midway through the hall, or used to highlight any structural differences. Often good placements of accent lighting include table or floor lamps, or lighting cast on a picture/painting.

Natural Light

It is common for hallways to have uncontrollable natural light, whether the hallway is too dark and dingey, or is too light. It is important to control it to any preferences, such as soft natural light to be compensated with by accent lighting.

One way to control light is using curtains and blinds, of which can also be used to contrast with colour from lighting. Check out B & M Blinds here for more information on what you can do to control your natural light.

Hallway Design

There are many lighting fixtures and designs that require a certain amount of interior design, as some lighting options will suit certain designs better than others. There are many colour schemes that benefit from minimalist themes, whereas there can be very busy and full hallways that would benefit from many forms of lighting, whether it be lamps or pendulum fixtures.

Always be mindful of the design of the hallway before any lighting options are considered, as lighting shouldn’t obstruct any walkways. Check out the article by Alexander James Design here for some ideas on hallway interior design.

Hopefully this quick guide has enlightened you somewhat to the variety of options available to your hallway, and showed that your hallway isn’t useless space! What lighting options are you considering for your home?

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