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Smart organization tips for the basement

Find the most useful organization tips for your basement

Tidying a messy basement is a task that takes lots of time, efforts and patience. One thing is certain, delaying it won’t make it better. The faster you begin reorganizing and de-cluttering the basement, the faster you will complete this project. The rewards are at least two – 1) a lot of free space, 2) all the things you will find that you thought you have lost. Basement organization is a refreshing project that will inspire you to make the most of the space you have. The effective cleaning and tidying require a good plan with practical basement organization tips.

  1. Sorting – begin with sorting out the piles and boxes full of stuff. The basement certainly keeps a lot of your precious things with sentimental value, like old toys and school memories, sports equipment, camping equipment, gifts, decorations and etc. Along with the valuable things, the basement is storage for a lot of unnecessary stuff, like broken machines, old shoes and etc. Start the project for basement rearranging with sorting out the things you want to keep, through away or give away (sell or donate).
  2. Thorough cleaning and installing shelves and cupboards – after you have sorted out your belongings, you have to do a thorough cleaning of the basement. Keep in mind that this part of the house rarely gets vacuum cleaned. Try all the machines stored in the basement and clean them well to protect them from the damaging effects of dust and dirt.
  3. Organize the basement in a convenient way. Keep the things you would use the most at easy reach while the stuff that you rarely use can be put away in boxes (like Christmas decorations and etc). Use your creativity to turn the basement into a fully functional room, like laundry room, a place for relaxing, an entertainment room or a home office. The quiet ambience in the basement can make it a great place for relaxing and working where you can focus better. Just keep in mind that the moisture in this part of the house is high, therefore it is not a practical storage place for documents, electronics, photo albums and fabrics.

Basement organization tips for effective decluttering

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