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Contemporary narrative portraits that shake you to your core

What’s your first association with a portrait? If a portrait for you means just a picture of a person, you’ve probably never seen the mesmerizing, provoking and fascinating art pieces of contemporary artists, like the Mertim Gokalp’s masterpieces displayed at www.mertim.com.au. Do you believe that a glimpse at...
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New Home Trends 2016

home trends for 2016 ideas
Extraordinary and memorable new home trends for 2016 Change is constant and every new season in the world of fashion and design is a great opportunity to refresh our personal style and enrich the appearance of our home and office. Good planning for more significant renovation of your...
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Restoration from water damage Dallas Texas Part 2

Water restoration damage in Dallas Texas
For many of us the proper preparation against different damages of the property, including water damage, fires, storms etc includes only buying an insurance policy. However in this way when something serious happens to our home or office we are not prepared to react immediately with the most...
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Water damage restoration Dallas part 1

water restoration damage dallas
Most of us have experienced situations when either our homes, offices or other property suffer damages caused by water damage, fires, storms or mold. Sometimes the damages are relatively small and we can take care of them by ourselves without significant costs. However in many cases the problems...
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