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Arthur Wood Joinery

Georgian Architectural Influences tbilisi
Period Design: Georgian Architectural Influences The Georgian period is typically defined as dating between 1714 and1830, the time when the four British monarchs, George I, II, III and IV reigned in continuous succession. This was a time when towns and buildings in general were expanding, and landowners who...
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The Best Flooring for a Vintage-Style Home

vintage flooring
When you think vintage flooring, you probably think of wood as the main material. While wood is one of the most popular choices, there are many other ways to achieve your perfect vintage look. There’s a material and a style to suit anyone’s varying preferences, time constraints, process...
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Contemplative Woodworking of the talented Soule

Inspired by the perfection of the nature and crafted with a great attention to the smallest details the unique furniture pieces of Matt Soule are something everyone would want in their homes. The woodwork is “in his blood” as he is a fourth generation woodworker. The website http://www.soulework.com...
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Design a beautiful outside bathroom next summer

Find the perfect projects for beautiful outside bathrooms for 2016
Outside bathroom designs for 2016 Do you want to enjoy an outdoor bathroom in your backyard next summer? Now is the time to start planning. Designers and experts in interior design have a lot of ideas for attractive and trendy outside bathroom designs for 2016. Open-air bathrooms have...
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