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What’s your first association with a portrait? If a portrait for you means just a picture of a person, you’ve probably never seen the mesmerizing, provoking and fascinating art pieces of contemporary artists, like the Mertim Gokalp’s masterpieces displayed at www.mertim.com.au. Do you believe that a glimpse at a narrative portrait can shake you to your core? The artist’s biggest passion is the oil painting and the portrait painting in particular.

Each art piece is a unique brilliant expression of emotions, characters, stories and mystery that cannot be described with words. The talented artist, Mertim Gokalp captivates the audience with oil paintings that give a new meaning to a narrative portrait. The unique style and point of view of the artist have helped him in reaching top positions in reputable art competitions.

 The oil paintings of Mertim Gokalp are brilliant examples for contemporary art. The portraits are provocative, challenging, captivating and even disturbing at the same time. They inspire and evoke a whirlpool of emotions. Everyone can find new questions or new answers in each different masterpiece. The artist has its own unique way to put the portraits in context and include a lot of the contemporary themes and issues, inner conflicts and cultural concerns.

Each portrait reveals something unique and intimate for the person. The paintings are not just a replacement of a beautiful photograph. The human psyche has a great influence in the creating of each art work of the artist. The viewers are provoked to connect to their most inner feelings and conflicts. The narrative portraits reveal different sides of the human psyche and form and they are open for interpretation by everyone.

The commission portraits of the artist Mertim Gokalp are strong and expressive, because he uses his brilliant talent to capture and express the emotions and the psyche of the person beyond the obvious form. How are the commission contemporary portraits being created? The artist encourages the persons who want to order portraits to think of how they want to look like on the painting. Everything is important – from the choice of the clothing, to the ambience and the emotions. A photo shoot is the next step. For just 1-2 hours the person that will be portrayed participates in a photo session that creates abundance of material for the artist to paint the most mesmerizing portrait. Often, the photo session involves changing of clothes, background, lightning and body postures to find the perfect combination of appearance and surroundings for the portrait. The completed portrait can be seen by email, on a photo or in person.

The contemporary commission portraits become an amazing memory that captures moments of your life in a unique way that withstands the time with all your emotions, character and story expressed in the blend of colors, forms and light by the artist. This is a fabulous opportunity to create an extraordinary family portrait or make a fabulous present to a special person. Portraits are unique and mesmerizing. They give a fascinating vibe to every room and hall where they are positioned.

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