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Using wallpaper have a distinct history. A history that goes way back to 1400s when it was once considers as background decoration instead of foreground décor. Of course with some exceptions. Using wall decoration has always played a big role in the world of interior design.

Today’s choice consist an enormous amount variety when it comes to designer wallpapers.  Do you want to bring some nature in your living room or what do you think about a dramatic feel in the bedroom. Designer wallpapers are available in a lot of different patterns, motifs and colours. Curious about the possibility between different wallpapers?

Bring nature into your home
Adding some leaves and some green while definitely lift your interior to a higher level. It does not end by adding a tree into your living room. The variety of wallpapers gives you the chance to bring nature into your home. Create a colourful spring garden which give the room a sense of calm.

Dramatic WOW
The use of dark wallpaper will definitely give a room more character. Even though using dark wallpaper in combination with stripes will turn a large room into a smaller room by look. You can add some drama to a room in many ways. What do you think about a dramatic WOW. In a positive way of course. The dramatic WOW is based on an overwhelming feeling. The WOW effect could be created by using marbleized patterns with lashes of gold. Do not worry about being to creative using wallpapers. You can use wallpapers on almost everything. Get creative and use wallpapers on door panels.

Accent walls
Using accents in the bed room play a main role in decorating the room. When you only decorate a prominent wall in the bed room it creates a focus point in the room. When you use designer wallpapers in your bed room it could definitely act as art because of the flowing patterns and motifs. Whether your cover your whole wall with wallpaper or just an accent of the room.

Colourful walls
Colour blocking is an ongoing trend for the last few years. Combining as many colours as you can, is not ugly. The mix where you can pick several contrasting shades and put it all together will definitely bring you the best of both worlds. Make your interior feel joyful by adding different colours. Keep one wall white for the perfect balance and contrast

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