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It is the lumber yard who should be delivering all of the materials that you will require for framing. Included in that, if you intend using it, should be an engineered flooring system.

Make a determination of the amount of sheathing material, plates and studs that will be needed.

You should have already scheduled for delivery the trusses required. And once the framing has commenced, determine when the exterior doors and windows should be delivered. Make certain you request a gas meter as soon as possible, as this will often take a bit of time to get, especially in the winter season.

You should now be in the position of being certain of the layout of your house. If there are any changes, this is the time to talk them over with your framer, as later changes can be costly and messy. It is so important you have the necessary materials on site when the work begins. Once they start, you will want to drop by at the end of the day and check out the progress made. And this is also a good time to talk with the framer and go over the work being done in the quote that he gave to you. Some issues of concern might be things like back framing, framing sidewalks, amount of nails supplied, etc…


You may possibly have to make arrangements for a crane to be on site, if your framers are ready to place the trusses and in your area, they are delivered without a boom truck. And you will also want to make certain that at the same time, the plywood for the roof has been delivered.

BE AWARE: There can be some problems if at the same time, too many people are working. To do a proper job, each trade needs their time and space!

BE AWARE: Before the Heating, rough in plumbing should commence.
For example, a toilet drain or bathtub need to be placed where they must be and the truth is that should the heating person come first, ductwork may be installed in a run right down those drains!

Next, when it comes to the layout of all cabinets, the cabinet sales person should come and scope out the entire layout of the cabinets.
Then, if possible, you should have brought in during the framing all of the large items like the showers and the bath tubs. If this cannot be done for any reason, to create enough room for the items to easily fit through, some studs may have to be removed.

Plumbing & Heating

Before the roofers go to work, roof vents should be installed.

BE AWARE: It is vital that the Plumbing & Heating Trades be aware of precisely where the cabinets are going to be installed.

In most instances, prior to framing inspection, heat ducting will not require inspections to be done.
You want to make certain that there are no annoying squeaks that exist after installation, making it important they be located and fixed beforehand.

If a fireplace is being added, you want to make certain that it is an efficient heating unit. The best are usually direct vented and glass sealed units.

In a finished basement not being installed at this time, it is good to include lines and pipes for heating and AC now.


The time for the roofers to get started is after all the vents have been installed and the framers are done with the roof.

The roofers will properly place vents in the attic for ventilation and do so according to the codes in effect.


The wiring now begins for the electricians.

BE AWARE: Knowing where the cabinets are going to be installed is vital for the electricians at this point.

BE AWARE: Take a trip with the electrician through the house and point out where the outlets should be installed.

Another positive investment well worth the cost is good quality stove and bathroom fans.

The electricians will install telephone, cable and network wires. If they do not, get in touch right away with your cable and phone company to get the job done.
You may also want to consider pre-wiring for a speaker system and perhaps running a wire for a future satellite system.

Windows & Doors

The house can be locked up after the exterior windows and doors are installed. If you have a construction type mortgage, this is usually when you can request your first draw.

You want to be certain that your windows price includes liners, night locks and screens if desired. It can be a bit frustrating later when you notice these items were not included in that excellent price you first got!

Wood windows, which are very classy looking, can be a nice alternative to vinyl windows.

It is at the time that the framers are finishing the roof that the exterior windows and doors should be delivered.


Before you call for a framing inspection, the trades should call for their respective inspections and these should all be approved.

Local Council Building Inspector

It may seem at times as if they are a pain, but the inspectors are really concerned with the quality and the safety of your home and that is a good thing. Any infractions they may find should be attended to immediately.

Finally, if it is part of the overall plan, when the framing is done, you may be after a feature floor, in many options concrete grinding and polishing is often a popular choice, this often also helps to level the concrete out further and ensure a great looking floor.

Lastly, when you’re done, clean up, thenb take a break and smile!

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