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Finishing university is bittersweet time in a young person’s life. They are leaving behind the final phase of their education and pretty much all they have ever really known about what it means to ‘part of the world. However, upon entering the real world there is so much that we need to abandon and so much more that we need to gain. One of the things that need to be quickly shaken off is the attire that can’t help but shout ‘I’m a student’ and generally is a mixed bag of yoga pants, branded T-shirts – ironic of course, faded jeans, sneakers and some sort of promiscuous low-cut-club-appropriate dress for weekend exploits. However, entering the ‘real’ world doesn’t mean throwing away your sense of self expression and conforming solely to a uniform of plaid suits and bad shoes.

It does however present an opportunity for you to have a wardrobe makeover – seventeen years of education can somehow insert a very specific look and feel to one’s sense of style and officially entering adulthood allows for a chance to shake things up. To finally wear all the items of clothing you have hoard in strange places throughout your cupboarded because they were always too smart for campus and too casual for the clubs. This change of attire from student to adult doesn’t happen miraculously overnight, it takes patient and some difficult spring cleans to make way for a new phase of your life. As you continue to embrace your individually even further after your studies make your wardrobe reflect a more sophisticated you. You don’t want to lose your sense of self – you want to grow it. If you’re still unsure about what the best way to approach your new phase of life and your new adult wardrobe have a look at the tips below to make sure your 2018 takes a step in the right direction.

Visit a Tailor

Visiting a tailor sound a lot more grown up than it is. Having a well fitted ensemble makes the world of difference to your wardrobe and gives it an extra flare of sophistication and style. Whether you go to your local tailor down the road or look for a more professional tailor from somewhere like The House Of Monatic. There is so much power in a good tailored suit anything you have that a little baggy or a little frumpy take it to the tailor and what how your clothes transform.

Look For Classic

A spring clean promises an opportunity for shopping – and don’t we love to shop. Now that you’re entering adulthood you need to be wary about the pieces you buy. Try to avoid out the box statement pieces that you will wear once off, instead look for classic well-fitting pieces. This will add a splash of sophistication to your wardrobe and allow for pieces that can be worn time and time again. Classic pieces never out date and are super versatile so you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Use Flattering Silhouettes

Know your body shape and style yourself in a way that is accentuates the aspects of your body that you admire most. This will give you a confidences boost, one that will seep through your clothing and into your everyday life. When you look good you feel good and dressing in a way that is flattering is bound to give you that extra boost – especially on a Monday.

Big Girl Shoes

You are officially an adult, a woman and it’s time to embrace and introduce to your wardrobe one of the greatest gifts a woman can have. A pair of heels. This is one of the most versatile item you can have in your cupboard it is the footwear equivalent to owning a killer pair of jeans. They are a must have in any adult cupboard.

Creativity is Key

Don’t lose your sense of style. It’s important to remember that being an adult doesn’t mean you’re losing your personal identity, your way of self-expression. Even when you’re travelling on a budget. It just means you’re making that form of expression more refined more professional. Express yourself and how you would like to present yourself to the world. Don’t be afraid to bush the work wear boundaries – to bend the rules.

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