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The packaging has a key role in the successful manufacturing business and trade today. The reason for this is the rapid development of the shipping possibilities. It is getting more and more important to deliver the ordered goods on time, and in perfect condition even from the further destinations. The right packaging with high-quality wrapping materials and the proper wrapping technique helps companies in decreasing the costs of damaged goods during shipping, and to establish themselves as reliable partners in the field of the international trade.

Even the top notch products cannot help you to build a successful business if you can’t deliver them in a proper condition to the customers. Therefore, investing in a modern and reliable machine stretch wrap is one of the best things you can do for your business. What are the advantages of the strapping?

  • The strapping keeps the products together. Even though the strapping alone is not enough packaging for the fragile goods, it is an essential part of the wrapping of the products to ensure their best protection.
  • Stretch wrap has different strength. Companies can choose the certain gauge of the machine that suits their needs and the properties of the goods.
  • A wide variety of stretch wrap :
  1. Cast stretch wrap – it provides an excellent clarity which allows a full visual access to the wrapped goods. It is relatively easy-to-stretch. This type of wrapping is affordable and compatible for using with machines and by hand.
  2. Blown Stretch Wrap – it provides extra protection against damage. It is appropriate for heavy goods that require more damage resistant wrapping.
  3. Equivalent stretch film – it is wrapping with multiple layers for advanced protection of the products against damaging.
  4. Micron stretch film – It provides even better protection of the goods with its multi-layered film. It is very resistant to tearing.
  5. Hybrid stretch film – It is relatively thin but very resistant-to-damage wrapping. It is appropriate for less heavy goods.
  6. Stretch machine film – wrapping that is compatible with machines-only for the wrapping process.

Before you purchase the equipment for packaging and wrapping, research and plan ahead the shipping methods, the goods you are planning to manufacturer, the costs and the wrapping technique you want to use. In this way, you will find the best solution for your business that will turn the investments into profits.

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