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When it comes to making the choice as to which floor manufacturer will meet your personal criteria you will find that there are a lot of flooring companies that claim many different truths as to why you should choose the flooring options they offer. This could make the process of choosing the correct flooring for your project a time consuming decision. There are numerous reasons why Kahrs flooring could narrow the decision process and save you a lot of time. Kahrs is one of the leading and best floor producers in the world. We will take a short look at why Kahrs is an excellent choice for your wooden flooring needs.

Kahrs has been in the wooden flooring industry for over 150 years. They are continually introducing some of the latest technologies in wood flooring. The quality and versatility of Kahrs wood flooring make sit an excellent choice for installation in homes, offices, shops, sports arenas, and theatres around the world. This is a Swedish based company that has risen the bar when it comes to wooden flooring.

Kahrs flooring not only cares about the clients that choose their wood flooring they also care very much about the environment they live in. There are many shortcuts that are taken when producing wooden flooring that could be detrimental to the environment. The raw materials used to produce the flooring is used in a way to minimize wasted materials. The logs that are chosen are cut and managed to get the most use from each log. The materials that are left over after the wooden flooring is produced is used to produce biofuel that is used to power the equipment during the manufacturing process.

Here are some other reasons why Kahrs wooden flooring is a great choice:

  • Kahrs wooden flooring is available in 10 different wood species.
  • Kahrs only uses wood which is a renewable resource to produce the wood flooring.
  • Kahrs will only do business with companies that an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certificate. They only deal with people that show a clear understanding of protecting the environment.
  • The modern wood flooring company begin to produce wooden flooring in 1941.
  • The installation process of these floors does not require the use of glues.
  • Only stains and finishes that are environmentally friendly is used.
  • Kahrs flooring is easy to maintain and clean without the use of strong cleaners.

As you can see one of the best reason to choose Kahrs flooring is the many years of experience they have when it comes to producing wooden flooring. Sure the experience means a lot but the biggest and greatest reason to consider Kahrs wooden flooring is for the environment. If you are a company or individual that is thinking about green construction on your next project, consider the choice of Kahrs wooden flooring to give your project the finishing touch while protecting the environment.

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