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If you are looking for distinctive, long lasting, sturdy furniture or a patio set look no further than Teak Closeouts.  We pride ourselves in offering good teak furniture at discount prices directly from manufacturers in Indonesia.  We are not selling “seconds”.  Instead we work with manufacturers who have over-runs of various items.  When Teak Closeouts takes the products off their hands they give us an excellent deal in price that we pass on to you, the buyer.

Indonesia is considered to produce the highest grade of teak wood.  No other teak wood can match the quality.  One of the most outstanding features of teak wood is its resistance to all types of weather.  Rain, snow, blistering sun—teak furniture can take it all and keep going.  When you buy a discount patio set made of teak wood you will have patio furniture that will last a lifetime, not something that you will need to replace in a few years.  Teak furniture does not bend out of shape and it would take an extreme force to break a piece of teak wood.  It never becomes brittle, even after years of weather exposure, and requires little to no upkeep.  Rinse with plain water when dirty and let the natural gleam of the wood come through.  Teak wood has a special slight oiliness that will not bother you but helps it to resist dry rot and water damage.  While other types of wood may not, teak retains its natural oils and rubber even after felled and dried for use.  It is these oils and rubber that give it its weatherproof nature and help it resist invaders such as fungi and parasites without needing applications of protectants every year.

Discount teak furniture for inside your home is just as durable and sturdy as teak patio furniture.  You may choose to stain or varnish teak wood used inside the house.  A little polishing and dusting never hurts it, but extensive care routines are unnecessary.

Teak wood is a renewable resource but it requires many years (sometimes 40 to 80 years) before it is ready to use.  This means that even discount teak furniture and patio sets are valuable today and will likely remain so for years to come.  The demand for teak furniture and patio sets continues to grow.  The strength and beauty of teak wood fiber is the main reason teak wood continues to be a primary choice for builders and craftsmen of many wood objects.  Its ability to last for generations makes it a primary choice of furniture buyers worldwide.  With newer technology a type of teak tree that is fast growing has been developed.  The wood is of excellent quality and will help add to the amount of Indonesian teak available worldwide.  It is unlikely that this new teak will diminish the value of the older teak furniture that has been produced.

When you need discount patio sets or discount teak furniture look no further than Teak Closeouts for great quality and quick service at an excellent price.

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