Ulloo 42 is a new, evolved furniture design company that takes structurally sound pieces of pre-owned furniture and breathes a couture-like high style into their structures—taking them on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Ulloo 42 has just announced to the world that their online platform is available to all fun, imaginative art and design lovers everywhere.

The first part of the name, ULLOO, is a variant of the word ULO, or “house” in Igbo African, and is the word for Owl in Hindi. The number 42 has a treasure trove of interesting associations, not least of which is that author Douglas Adams suggested it was the numeric answer to the most important question in the universe (according to his popular novel called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).  Behind the scenes are best friends Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie, who believe art and design should make people smile on a regular basis.

Founders Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie started ULLOO 42 because they believe that furniture can be art and art can be furniture.

“The majority of our collection is really distinguished by being ‘re-born’ or transformed into the vision of fine art and design,” said Suzanne Currie, co-founder of Ulloo 42. “We source pieces for our unique design and inspiration from all over the world, hand-making each item with love and individualized attention. In this age of unlimited choice, we felt the need to pare down and offer a small selection of items that we think will really resonate with people.”

Currie’s passion for combining bold color and pattern through collage influences her spectacular furniture transformations, resulting in unexpected creative intersections of texture and shape in the final pieces. Each individual piece is marked by an outlandish and fun, fusion of color and detail, making the pieces standalone works of functional art.

“This has become a total all-consuming passion for the two of us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Currie. “There is so much beauty and artistic display just waiting to be tapped into and set free around the world today. Most people don’t realize that the very furniture pieces in their home are a blank canvas for true personalized display. We’re turning conventional pieces like lamps and chairs into something unique that will distinguish any living area from the rest.”

The Ulloo 42 collection includes unique chairs, sofas, tables, lighting and original wall art. Some of the redesigned pieces potential collectors and consumers can peruse are the Frenchie Lamp, the Seraphim Lamp, the Empire Lamp, the Golden Round Tables, the Storyteller Chair, the Aquavelvet Chair, the Thousand Nights Chaises, and the Royal Fluff Chaise. Ulloo 42 also creates bespoke pieces such as the Ice Plank Table, a gorgeous statement piece for any dining room.

Each item is individually designed and crafted, with more creative and unique pieces actively in the works. Ulloo 42 will recently launched their first collection in early 2018. It is now available at www.ulloo42.com

Currie and Abraham hope to inspire a trend now and into the future, where furniture can be more than utilitarian: it can be a pleasure, a talking point, a joy to own, and something to be treasured—a rare thing in today’s “disposable” culture.

“I see a lot of beautiful and interesting things on my travels and am always on the look out for inspiration,” says Abraham. “There are many ways to ‘feed the soul’ for me. Ulloo 42’s pieces make the connection between my inner child and the ‘diva’ side of me that says ‘that’s crazy but I love it.’ I adore these pieces. They put a smile on my face and I hope others will feel the same.”

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